All Season Touring Tires

All Season Touring Tires

All-season touring tires are designed to deliver maximum comfort and excellent handling on the road or highway. And, as the name indicates, all-season touring tires are also meant to provide reliable traction in seasonal conditions, such as wet roads or light snow. All-season touring tires typically feature a symmetrical tread pattern, along with circumferential grooves that are designed to provide an improved grip on the road. These tires are also generally more low-profile in appearance than regular all-season tires. All of these unique features combined lend to a quieter, more comfortable ride.

It’s important to note, however, that the term “all-season” can be a bit misleading. That’s because seasons are different, depending on your location. For instance, the four seasons in Arizona are remarkably different from those that occur in Michigan. For people who live in a region where weather conditions tend to be relatively mild, all-season touring tires may be sufficient. They’re built to perform well on both wet and dry roads, and even in light snow. For places where conditions are extreme, however, such as areas that tend to get a lot of ice and heavy snow, specialized winter tires that offer higher traction and a better grip in severe conditions would be a wiser choice.

All-season touring tires are great for sedans, minivans, SUVs, and crossovers.

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