In the 1950s, Bridgestone Tire turned the global tire industry on its head when it rolled out the world’s first rayon cord tires. Following that innovation trend, the company then invented the first radial tire, which promised to outlast all other tires on the market. This was in 1967. In 1988, Bridgestone merged with Firestone to form the largest tire and rubber manufacturing business on the planet.

Over the years, Bridgestone has continued to solidify its place as one of the industry’s most identifiable and trusted brands. Most recently, the company made a commitment to adopting more sustainable business practices, namely through a reduction in their CO2 emissions and the use of more recycled resources in the manufacturing process.

Today, Bridgestone is considered an industry icon and continues to maintain its reputation for providing long-lasting, high-performance tires at a reasonable price. The company remains committed to being a global leader in tire technology, providing world-class service and being an outstanding corporate citizen. Their culture and mission remain deeply rooted in the words of founder Shojiro Ishibashi, who said that Bridgestone is dedicated to “serving society with superior quality.”

The Bridgestone brand manufactures a wide variety of premium quality tires for passenger vehicles, including coupes, sedans, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers, as well as motorcycles.

Group A Autotrend is proud to be one of the largest distributors of Bridgestone Tire products on the market today.

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