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Founded in 1925, Chrysler has had a long, sordid history with plenty of ups and downs along the way. From the first Chrysler vehicle, which was a 6-cylinder car designed to provide drivers with a well-engineered, superior vehicle at a surprisingly low price-point, to its many subsequent products – some of which were hits, others miss – one thing is certain – the company has long established itself as a household name.

Chrysler officially became an American subsidiary of Italian-American automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in 2014, following the United States recession and subsequent government bailout. Since this hiccup, the company has worked tirelessly to rebuild its reputation and gain back the trust of its customers.

Today, Chrysler’s vehicle lineup has been trimmed down to include a minivan, a convertible and a pair of sedans. The good news is, following many years of mediocre ratings in the midsize vehicle category, Chrysler has made some noteworthy improvements, particularly in the way of the design, performance, safety, and quality of its midsize sedan, known simply as the 200. In terms of premium, full-size vehicles, the Chrysler 300 sedan is widely considered to be a solid option.

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