In 1871, the Continental brand began manufacturing soft rubber products, rubberized fabrics, and tires for bicycles and carriages in Hanover, Germany. In 1898, the company developed and produced automotive pneumatic tires with a plain tread before becoming the first company in the world to develop grooved tires for automobiles in 1904. Today, Continental is one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world.

Over the years, the Continental Tire brand has developed an extensive line of premium tires for passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks. From the innovative Sport Plus technology found in the Extreme Contact model to the EcoPlus specifications of the Cross Contact model, the engineers behind the Continental brand are continuously developing and pioneering new, award-winning features. Not surprisingly, the Continental name has become a bold standout amongst industry professionals and driving enthusiasts alike.

Continental tires provide consumers with the comfort, performance, and safety they demand to handle all of their versatile driving needs. Whether you’re in the market for all-season, ultra-high performance, all-terrain or you just need a new set of winter tires, Continental has a model for you. All Continental tires come backed by the brand’s Total Confidence Plan, which provides an added level of assurance.

In addition to tires for cars, SUVs, crossovers and light trucks, Continental also produces tire products for other vehicles, including motorcycles, buses, and commercial trucks.

If nothing but the best will do for your vehicle, Continental is the tire for you.

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