Since 1914, the Cooper Tire Company has built a solid reputation for offering high-quality tires at an affordable price point. In fact, to this day, the all American-made tire brand still abides by the pledge made by its founder, which is to provide “Good merchandise, fair play, and a square deal.” More than a hundred years later, Cooper employs more than 9,000 employees and operates in more than one dozen countries around the world.

The secret to the company’s century-long success is its commitment to remain at the forefront of innovation, design, and technology. This dedication results in a premium product that delivers a superior driving experience at a price that won’t break the bank. The CS Touring model, for instance, features a unique “Wear Square” design feature that visibly alerts the driver when it’s time for a replacement.

Cooper Tire products also utilize special molds to create a tread that improves contact with the road and provides better handling. The rubber used to construct Cooper brand tires contains innovative silica compounds, which result in better traction in slippery conditions, like rain, ice, and snow.

Their 3-D siping technology is designed to deliver a stronger grip and their ARMOR-TEK3 protection, included in most models, helps to reduce the risk of punctures.

Group A Autotrend is pleased to offer a wide selection of Cooper tires designed to fit a variety of different vehicle styles, makes and models.

Please see below for the most popular Cooper Tire models trusted by drivers everywhere.

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