When it comes to quality and innovation, more drivers trust the Dunlop Tire name. In fact, way back in 1888, the company’s founder, John Boyd Dunlop developed the very first pneumatic (air-filled) tire using canvas, glue and liquid rubber. While originally designed for a child’s bicycle, Dunlop eventually perfected this model, transforming it into a more modern and durable design that’s still used for virtually every type of vehicle currently on the market.

Since the brand’s first victory in 1889, the Dunlop line of racing and consumer tires have led the way in superior driving and performance. More than a century of innovation and racing experience goes into every Dunlop tire.

Over the years, the Dunlop brand has continued to raise the bar for excellence. Today, Dunlop is still considered to be one of the industry’s top brands, producing great quality tire products for everything from traditional passenger vehicles to race cars and off-roading vehicles. Dunlop tires are designed to withstand heavy tow-loads and remain durable, even in the harshest of terrain.

Forward-thinking features, such as Hydro-Paddle tread design, noise-canceling technology, an active traction swipe system and angled grooves, all contribute to what Dunlop users describe as improved handling and a superior overall driving experience. Furthermore, the safety and durability of Dunlop tires make their price-point remarkably reasonable.

The Dunlop brand manufactures a variety of tires to suit a number of different vehicle types, including cars, trucks, SUVs, and ATVs.

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