Created to meet the rigorous standards of racing – from the dizzying speeds of the Daytona Speedway to the 245-mph extremes of Le Mans, Eibach suspension components are considered to be among the most trusted in the industry. Their products are known to help improve response, reduce body roll, provide increased stability and deliver ultra-precise cornering ability.

Eibach engineers have mastered the art of fine-tuning components to achieve the perfect synergy between the driver, the vehicle and the road. As a result, their suspension products provide greater predictability, more direct handling and the highest degree of driver confidence. The technology behind Eibach’s premium products is widely recognized around the world for both performances as well as longevity.

Eibach springs have been relied upon in countless races and have been trusted by racing and motorsport enthusiasts for many years over. Winners and champions in race series like F1, NASCAR, WRC, CART, and Indy Car have dominated the competition thanks to their Eibach suspension components. Furthermore, the list of Eibach partners includes such popular brands as BMW, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini (just to name a few).

Whether you’re prepping for your next racing event, or you’re simply looking for suspension parts that’ll give your passenger vehicle the smoothest ride possible, Eibach is a brand you can trust.

At Group A Autotrend, we are proud to offer one of the most trusted brands in the suspension component sector.

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