When it comes to widely-known, highly respected tire brands, Firestone is undoubtedly near the top of the list.

Founded in 1900, after Harvey Firestone experienced for the first time the superior performance of rubber tires on his buggy, the Firestone has established a rock-solid reputation for manufacturing tires that can stand the test of time. In 1909, they developed the first non-skid tread pattern and in 1911, Firestone tires were featured in the Indy 500 and became the original supplier for the infamous Model T. With such massive exposure, the brand quickly became a household name, and the rest – as they say – is history.

After a much-celebrated merger with Bridgestone Tire in 1988, the Firestone brand continued to focus its efforts on innovation and quality, drawing from the past but always looking toward the road ahead. Today, they offer a comprehensive line of tires covering everything from all-season to high performance to winter driving and more.

All of Firestone’s tires are designed to deliver superior handling for a safe, comfortable ride in any weather. Customers trust Firestone products for their dependability and long-lasting durability.

There’s a reason the Firestone brand is still performing well after all these years: their tires offer exceptional quality at a reasonable price. Whether you need an all-weather, everyday tire for your family vehicle or a heavy-duty, commercial-grade tire for towing, Firestone has a product for you.

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