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Part of the luxury arm of Nissan, Infiniti was among the very first Japanese-made luxury brands back when it arrived in the United States in the 1980s. There have been plenty of ups and downs since that time, including highlights, like the flagship original Q45 and the sporty G35. With every vehicle they manufacture, the Infiniti brand is committed to achieving the ideal balance of power, performance, and artistry.

In 1985, parent company Nissan put together an elite group of engineers, designers, developers, and visionaries and challenged them with one purpose: to build a new division of performance luxury vehicles. Specifically, the company was looking for a car that would feature a more “human-centric” design. A few short years later, the Infiniti brand debuted and quickly gained recognition as an innovative industry front-runner.

Today, the Infiniti brand continues to push the boundaries of innovation and wow its users with newer and ever-more exciting features. Drivers recognize the company’s line of coupes and sedans by their Q prefixes, while SUVs and crossovers are designated by the letters QX. Cars range in size from compact to mid-size while sports utility models include compact, three-row and even full-size, which comes complete with a 400-hp V8 engine.

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