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What began in 1983 as a secret project led by a dedicated team of Japanese engineers, technicians, and designers, has developed into one of the world’s most recognizable names in luxury automobiles.

The test project, nicknamed “Flagship 1” (or simply, F1) challenged the team to develop a vehicle that was capable of reaching 250km/h while consuming less than 10.51 L/100km. What’s more, at 96km/h, the vehicle’s noise levels had to stay below 60 decibels. Six years and a billion dollars later, those seemingly impossible benchmarks were successfully achieved, and the Lexus brand was born.

Today, Lexus remains one of the most prestigious auto brands on the market. From the company’s first luxury crossover in 1998 (RX 300) to the forward-thinking hybrid LFA, the Lexus brand continues to push the boundaries of convention and forge its path as a pioneer of premium, luxury car brands.

Lexus brand luxury vehicles are currently sold in over 70 countries around the world and have become the largest-selling premium car from Japan. Their popularity continues to grow as their technology improves and they release innovations. Recently, Lexus also began gaining traction in the hybrid vehicle market.

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