Exteriors that are sleek and eye-catching. Maximum performance and fuel-efficiency. What’s NOT to love?

If you are among Mazda’s millions of loyal customers, we’ve got the wheels you need to make your ride even better (if that’s even possible)!

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Spend an afternoon cruising along any highway in any state, city or town in America and you’ll undoubtedly spot dozens, if not hundreds of Mazda models. Without question, this auto brand is well-known and very well-loved, probably because the company has found a way to manufacture vehicles that feature top-of-the-line design elements yet still keep their vehicles at a reasonable price point.

Founded in 1920 in Hiroshima, Japan, The Mazda Motor Corporation (known more succinctly as just “Mazda”) has had plenty of ups, downs, twists and turns along its storied journey. The company got its moniker from the term “Ahura Mazda,” a name that means God of Light. They chose this name because it most closely matched their vision of shining a more positive light on compact vehicles.

From their early days of selling three-wheel pickup trucks and small vehicles to their piston-powered B-series, to the zippy Mazda6, the award-winning brand has certainly carved itself a nice niche in the auto industry.

Catchy “Zoom, zoom,” jingle aside, Mazda vehicles are so well-designed, they simply don’t need a slogan to keep them top-of-mind. Their quality does all the talking for them. Interiors that are refined, yet functional.

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