One mention of the Michelin brand name will almost instantly conjure up images of their fluffy, marshmallow-like mascot. What the industry-leading company is ultimately known around the world for, however, is their exceptional quality of tire products. Having been an industry player since way back in 1889, the widely respected French tire company boasts a long and storied history and has built a lasting reputation as one of the most trusted brands of tire products on the market today.

Much of Michelin’s impressive, sustained success over the years can be credited to the company’s expert engineers, who work tirelessly at research centers located all over the world to continuously fine-tune their exclusive tire designs. This research includes thorough testing and ongoing observation of motorsport tires. They then apply what they’ve learned to improve the formulas they use in the tires they manufacture for everyday drivers. The result? Well-balanced performance, impressive reliability and a name you can trust for many years to come.

Today, Michelin produces tire products for almost every type of vehicle on earth, from bicycles to jumbo jets.

Of course, at Group A Autotrend, we’re primarily interested in the premium tire products Michelin makes for passenger cars, SUVs, and trucks (both light duty as well as heavy-duty and commercial).

We are proud to be one of the largest distributors of some of the world’s most trusted tire brands – including Michelin. To view our extensive inventory of Michelin brand tires, click the link(s) below and order your set with confidence today!

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