Pontiac / Holden / Saturn

Pontiac / Holden / Saturn

Sadly, the once-thriving marque was officially phased out by GM in early 2010, much to the disappointment of Pontiac loyalists everywhere.

The good news is, if you happen to be among these enthusiasts, with the right connection, you can still purchase beautiful Pontiac-compatible products at an affordable price.

Our inventory of wheels for Pontiacs is extensive and includes the highest quality products on the market. Simply choose your model below to view our selection and purchase with ease.

The Pontiac brand got its name from the town of Pontiac, Michigan, where the Pontiac Buggy Company was originally established in the 19th century. The small auto builder then became Oakland Motor Car Company before General Motors acquired and rolled out the first true Pontiac vehicle in 1926.

For most of its existence, the Pontiac brand was marketed as the performance division of General Motors, specializing in the manufacture and sales of performance-oriented vehicles for the mainstream. Most Pontiac models were positioned as sportier, more upscale alternatives to Chevy vehicles.

Throughout the 30s and 40s, Pontiac churned out a wide variety of vehicles, including coupes, sedans, and wagons. The 1950s ushered in the era of the Pontiac Bonneville, but it was the 1960s that really put the brand on the map, particularly with the introduction of the world’s first official “muscle car,” the GTO.

Continuing this trend, and responding to increasing consumer demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles, Pontiac released a series of compact vehicles and sports cars, including the Ventura and the Fiero.

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