Over the years, the Porsche marque has been attached to many vehicle types and models, including the 911, 914 and 944, as well as the Cayenne, the Cayman, and the Boxster.

To this day, the 911 remains one of the brand’s most popular models, and we’ve got the wheels to bring these beauties to the next level.

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They say once you go, Porsche, you never go back. Admittedly, that may not be a real saying, but ask any member of the fiercely devoted Porsche fan base, and they’ll tell you the German luxury brand is simply like no other. In fact, they’ll probably tell you that owning and collecting Porsches is more than just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle.

Founded in 1930 by German professor Ferdinand Porsche, who built the first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle, the Porsche Company is technically named Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG. Thankfully, this is usually shortened to just Porsche AG. The Porsche brand originally started out designing and building other vehicles (including the first Volkswagen Beetle) before releasing its own sports car in 1949: a sleek, upscale vehicle known only as of the 356.

It’s hard to imagine, but during WWII, the luxury sports car company was commissioned to produce heavy tanks. They constructed several designs but lost the contract to Henschel & Son. Despite this, Porsche ended up using the chassis it had developed as a starting point for the Elefant tank destroyer.

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