Summer Tires

Summer Tires

Summer tires are uniquely engineered to deliver optimum performance in both wet and dry conditions. As the name indicates, summer tires are specially optimized for use in warmer temperatures, delivering reliable grip and responsive handling. These tires are designed to provide drivers with maximum traction by placing more rubber on the road.

Summer tires typically feature solid contact patches, with little to no siping, and circumferential grooves designed to protect against hydroplaning in wet road conditions. This results in greater stability during cornering, braking, and acceleration. And because of their stiffer construction and reduced friction on the road, summer tires also tend to deliver more fuel efficiency than their all-season counterparts.

It’s important to point out that summer tires are not designed for all-season traction. On the contrary, these tires are meant to be used during warm months, or all year in regions that don’t experience a true winter. Specifically, if you drive a standard-size passenger vehicle, such as a car, SUV or minivan, and live in an area where the temperature doesn’t typically drop below 45°F/7.2°C for the majority of the year, summer tires may be a good option for you.

Because summer tires are designed for drivers looking to improve their performance vehicles, they are ideal for sports cars, exotics, and other race-inspired vehicles.

Are you in the market for a new set of summer tires? Group A Autotrend offers an impressive selection that includes some of the world’s most trusted tire brands.

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