When it comes to automotive performance, most people think of the need for speed and power. Performance is nothing, however, if the driver is uncomfortable or unable to properly control the vehicle while driving. This is why suspension is such a vital vehicle system.

The suspension system is what keeps your vehicle’s wheels on the ground while also providing support to the chassis. By maximizing the friction between the road and the tires, the vehicle can maintain its grip, even on roads that are uneven or bumpy. Suspension components, including shocks, springs, and struts, connect to and work with important steering and wheel parts to improve your vehicle’s handling and ensure as smooth and controlled a ride as possible.

Over time, parts of the suspension system can break down and wear out, making bumps on the road much more noticeable and making sharp turns more dangerous. At Group A Autotrend, we want to make the process of keeping your vehicle’s suspension system in good working order easier, more convenient and more affordable.

In addition to being a reliable source for high-quality tire and wheel products, we are proud to be a trusted distributor of some of the best names in the suspension parts industry, including Eibach, Tokico and more.

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